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Hello, my dear compatriots!

By the will of the Lord, today, Georgians live in many countries around the world. We work, get married, raise children, we enrich our spiritual world with the unique cultural achievements of the countries we have chosen to live in, and at the same time, we are the ambassadors of our country, our culture.

As the Lord has assigned this mission to our compatriots living in the Georgian diasporas, great effort is needed to be able to adapt to the surrounding society as equals among equals through education, knowledge of our own language, history and culture, with a high level of civic awareness.

The Diaspora Alliance for Georgia Foundation plans cognitive, educational, instructional and cultural activities for the empowerment and unification of all Georgians, especially young Georgians born abroad.

Our Foundation is ready to create the necessary services to implement continuous, live lasting learning cycles and thus, help our compatriots living abroad to adapt to society and acquire the competencies needed for the labor market.

Dear compatriots, I hope that together, we will manage to bring up courageous Georgians, an educated new generation, who will use their effort to build united, strong Georgia!

Tika Svanidze Vancko

President of Diaspora Alliance for Georgia

The Founder of the First International Georgian Diaspora Online School – “Lessons Without Borders”.

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