Basic Online Course of Cloisonne Enamel Art

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About Course

Cloisonne enamel -  is one of the greatest achievements of midcentury Georgian art. Enamel medallions, small icons of saints, crosses or ornaments were mainly used to decorate church items. The collection preserved in Georgia, which includes both Georgian and Byzantine patterns, is one of the richest in the world. The forgotten, historical field of art was revived thanks to modern Georgian masters. The works created by them are popular in Georgia and in different countries worldwide. Through online lessons, our participants will learn the technique of making enamel items. The training course will help interested and involved individuals to acquire a new profession that will bring them success and a lot of joy.


Course Description and Objective – The objective of the “Basic Online Course of Cloisonne Enamel Art” is to introduce this field of arts and crafts to the students, to teach its practical application, which will give the participant the opportunity to create works in cloisonne enamel at home after completing the course. Cold cloisonne enamel will be used in this particular course for practical creation of simple patterns.

Topics for this course


Nana Aziziani – Master of Cloisonne Enamel and Metal Art Processing?

Nana Aziziani is the daughter of the honored metal-sculptor of Georgia - Levan Aziziani. She fell in love with this difficult field of art in her childhood from her father. After graduating from the Higher School of the Academy of Sciences, postgraduate studies and doctoral studies, today Ms. Nana is the highest level "woman" master in this field, who has 25 years of experience. She works on museum copies, which are preserved in various museums in Georgia. She creates works of art made with cloisonne enamel and filigree technology. Currently, she is working on Akhaltsikhe filigree. She had 6 personal exhibitions, both in Georgia and abroad. Actively participates in and organizes joint exhibitions, including "My Hands Serve the Lord" (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Lanchkhuti, Poti, Batumi, Svaneti). In addition, Ms. Nana is an honored member of the Paris High Fashion Association and Manager (Director) of the International Association of Handicraft Education and Promotion, Cloisonne Enamel and Stamping sector (Artistic Processing of Metal).

Material Includes

  • Materials required to attend the Basic Online Course of Cloisonne Enamel Art are:
  • • kiln heated to 150 degrees,
  • • 2 pieces of tweezers,
  • • 1 pair of scissors,
  • • cloisonne wire,
  • • Glue,
  • • Desired blank,
  • • 5 colors of enamel.

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

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