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Course Brief Description and Objectives – The Georgian Calligraphy Course aims to bring up the guardians of one of the oldest writing system in the world – Georgian alphabet. The attendees of the video lessons will be able to create ornament letters of the most beautiful alphabet in the world and give a festive, unforgettable look to the texts.

Let us memorize, that on November 30, 2016, the Georgian writing system was inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The pens of our attendees will bring new life to the Georgian writing system’s (Mtavruli, Nusxuri, Mkhedruli) letters.

Their works will tart up the exhibition halls and, who knows, maybe they will become the exhibition samples of the National Center of Georgian Manuscripts one day.

Topics for this course

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Calligrapher Davit Maisuradze:?

Davit Maisuradze has been leading calligraphy-related events in Rustavi and Kvemo Kartli since 2010. He teaches Georgian calligraphy in several schools, holds calligraphy workshops and courses with different age groups. He also teaches online calligraphy lessons as a member of the first International Diaspora Online School: "Lessons Without Borders". David promotes the interest of young people in the art of calligraphy in Kvemo Kartli region and periodically holds exhibitions for them. Kvemo Kartli Calligraphy Competition was established by David and his family in 2010, which is held annually for both schoolchildren and adults. The aim of the competition is to arouse the interest of young people in Georgian calligraphy and literature, to promote the integration of national minorities with the Georgian script, language, culture and society, as well as to make friends with young people living in Kvemo Kartli region and show their creative skills. In addition to calligraphic works, Davit Maisuradze creates calligraphic fonts. He has participated in international calligraphic exhibitions, including Cairo (Egypt), Cologne, Frankfurt (Germany), Belgrade (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania).
Short history of Georgian calligraphy
Superscript letters on the example of Georgian manuscripts
Secretary of His Grace Erekle –Book-learning Calligraphy
Ornaments on the example of Georgian manuscripts
“Tkhzul-Dakselili” script, calligraphy of Nikoloz Tbileli

Calligrapher Leila Baghbaia:?

Mrs. Leila Baghbaia, IDP from Abkhazia is self-taught calligraphy. She is a member of the Georgian National Center for Manuscripts Friends Society, the Georgian Artist Calligrapher’s Alliance and the Abkhazian Artists’ Alliance. Mrs. Leila Baghbaia is trying to develop the ancient tradition of handwriting. She creates and shapes the Georgian alphabet with her unique design. She uses various materials such as leather, paper, stone, clay and porcelain to create her unique works. Mrs. Leila is often the initiator of competitions and projects that help young calligraphers to discover their talents and potential. Mrs. Leila Baghbaia's career advancement began in 2011, when she won the Georgian Calligrapher competition. The competition was organized by the Georgian National Center of Manuscripts and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. After the success, she became a member of the jury of the same competition. Art critics, historians and professors say that Leila Bagbaia is a real discovery of the "Georgian Calligraphy" competition. She is a rare person, talented, hardworking and at the same time, constantly looking for something new. She is looking for a source of inspiration everywhere and always and is trying to make Georgian manuscript a part of our everyday life.

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Material Includes

  • sheets of paper, ruler, pencils, eraser, colored pens, pastels, thick sheets of paper, scraping tool (old ink pen or scraping tool).

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

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