The Diaspora Alliance for Georgia Foundation, the Korneli Kekelidze National Center for Manuscripts, and the Rustaveli Calligraphers in partnership with the Rustaveli Calligraphers offer an unprecedented project: Calligraphy Online Lessons, Involving Adults, Not Just Adults.

On May 2, the first online calligraphy lesson was held, which was attended by Georgians in Europe and the United States, particularly in Chicago.

According to Tika Svanidze, the founder of the Alliance for Diaspora Alliance for Georgia, when they started the project, they could not even imagine that a Georgian from Abkhazia would be involved in online calligraphy lessons.

“Our project was able to and the so-called The borders were violated, especially emotional, when we heard that one of the participants was in Abkhazia at that time, ”said Tika Svanidze Venko.

“Hello, I am leaving you now from Abkhazia, from the village of Otobaia!” – According to Nestan Bagauri, Head of the Exhibition and Educational Programs Department of the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Center of Manuscripts, these are words that cannot be forgotten.

“Lessons without borders really do not recognize borders. The more you listen to the artificial barriers.

“Georgia is united here. Abkhazia is here to reach out and the rest of the world is joining hands,” said Nestan Bagauri.

Calligraphers Davit Maisuradze and Leila Bagbaia will lead the “Online Calligraphy Lessons” course.

“At a time when we are experiencing such a sharp distance from each other, it is doubly gratifying that calligraphy – the most beautiful field of Georgian art – has become a link between us, the Georgian language, literature, culture and, most importantly, each other,” said David Maisuradze.
To participate in online calligraphy lessons, you must fill out the registration form, after which you must write to the official Facebook page of the Foundation, “Diaspora Alliance for Georgia”.

It should be noted that within the framework of the Alliance for Diaspora Alliance for Georgia “Lessons Without Borders” has been functioning for a month now and unites teenagers from Georgia, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, the USA and Spain.

Crossing the borders in a direct and figurative sense took place in this case as well, and the online lessons organized by the foundation are attended by an Abkhazian student, who often tells his stories about the side he misses us and emphasizes that Abkhazia is Georgia!

“It is doubly gratifying that the Georgian alphabet and Georgian calligraphy have become the main factor that has allowed us to give a voice to our compatriots beyond the line of occupation,” said Tika Svanidze-Venko.

It is amazingly exciting to hear Georgian children born in emigration sing “Suliko”.


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