“Lessons without borders, friendship without borders”, – these are the words of the Georgian emigrant who was born in Berlin. He is now in the ninth grade of Bilingual Gymnasium and, in addition to the distance learning offered by the school, also attends “Lessons Without Borders”.

When asked what kind of emotions the project implemented by the Alliance for Diaspora Alliance for Georgia was for him, Ele answered as follows:

“Georgian children, who I met with the help of” Lessons Without Borders “, assures me that there are no borders between teenagers.

We read the same books as in Georgia, we play the same games as in the Netherlands, we listen to the same music as in America. For me, “lessons without borders are friendship without borders.”

The project “Lessons Without Borders” implemented by the Alliance for Diaspora Alliance for Georgia is unprecedented.

Online lessons, despite the challenges in the world, were able to unite Georgian adolescents from emigration and their peers from Georgia in one space.

It should be emphasized that the project is free for anyone and the Foundation’s online training teacher Ia Jgharkava is voluntarily involved in the project.

We also talked to the Foundation’s online training teacher, Ia Jgharkava:

“I am Ia Jgharkava, a teacher of Georgian language and literature, who, like all wise people, brags about her famous compatriots.

And I was proud of Ms. Tika Svanidze-Venko, the founder of this great philanthropist, patron, center of Georgian culture in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the owner of the travel company “TIKA TOURS”, which promotes the interest of Dutch tourists in Georgia, its traditions and culture.

I was proud of him, he is the initiator and host of many Georgian cultural events. He is promoting the image of Georgia in the Netherlands and in different countries of the world.

He also won a special prize in the nomination “For his contribution to the promotion of Georgian culture.” He is the founder and supporter of all Georgians and the founder of the Foundation for the Diaspora Alliance for Georgia.

His family and children also testify to his personal strength. I did not see or know this person.

It is true that the earth is small – everyone meets here, however, it is rare to meet great people. It so happened that Ms. Tika and I crossed paths.

A miracle was added to the miracle and it one day completely changed my professional life and the daily life of many Georgian children.

At his initiative, he laid the groundwork for a unique, unprecedented and large-scale online lesson project – “Lessons Without Borders”, which should help build youth bridges between young people in Georgia and their emigrant peers.

Since then, our online tutorials have been part of the Building Youth Bridges program, bringing together many students.

The purpose of our cultural meetings is to bring together all the disciplines of learning, reasoning, reasoning, memory, emotional balance, interaction with peers, making new friends, traveling, and common national affairs in the future.

Mrs. Tika and her sons: George, Levan and Temur – are participants in all the lessons.

Our lessons reduce distance and increase communication!

“Lessons without borders” is really endless – will this idea leave anyone indifferent ?!

Not only that, in this good deed we have reached all the good forces of the world and met our beloved children from Abkhazia, Samachablo, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, USA, Spain, Ireland…

The feedback is great!

We hurried to the new meeting, they are coming too! We are counting the minutes until dawn!

Finally we believed in the infinity, necessity and unifying force of this project.

I have no words – Mrs. Tika has stood by me in this noble cause and has assigned me a great mission – I am an online teacher of the Alliance for Diaspora Alliance for Georgia!

Is education and love among adults the source of all goodness ?!

“Let this ‘case of the future’ be happy for Georgia and the outside world,” Jgharkava said.

Tika Svanidze-Venko, the founder of the foundation, responds to the unprecedented project for Georgia in this way:

“I am happy that the Diaspora Alliance for Georgia Foundation, founded by me last October, has left many people in despair and on the streets in various European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and even Georgia. He was able to help and repatriate many Georgian students trapped in a foreign country to their homeland and their families.

Together with the Diaspora organizations of the Alliance for Diaspora Alliance for Georgia, we were able to help the most affected and needy compatriots, families with children and single mothers, who were in the hottest spot in Italy.

At the same time we started planning weekly psychological engagements for immigrants online which brought great relief to everyone.

I would like to thank the psychologist, the founder and director of the Center for Mental Development A. Salome Emukhvari and the psychoconsultant, founder and editor-in-chief of the online magazine psychologist.ge – Ilia Nikachadze.

I can not proudly mention the special feature of our foundation “Youth Bridges Construction” program – “Online Calligraphy Lessons”.

Our partner in this direction is the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Center of Manuscripts, with whose support and involvement we have been able to connect Georgian and emigrant adolescents and young people with the extraordinary world of calligraphy.

I would like to emphasize the fact that this is not the first cooperation between the National Center for Manuscripts and the Diaspora Alliance, and I would like to thank the head of the center, Mr. Zaza Abashidze, and the head of the National Center for Manuscripts, Ms. Nestan Bagauri.

It is to the credit of our extraordinary calligraphy teachers, Mr. Davit Maisuradze and Ms. Leila Baghbaia, that today the number of people wishing to engage in online calligraphy lessons is so great that we have to add new groups.

Many thanks to our teachers who are absolutely volunteering for this project.

In addition, we have planned an unprecedented and large-scale project, the online lessons program “Lessons Without Borders”, which facilitates the construction of youth bridges between young people in Georgia and their emigrant peers.

The online building program, part of Building Youth Bridges, brings together many of the best immigrant students from around the world and connects with peers in Georgia.

The success of this idea and project developed exactly as I had imagined and this fact makes me very happy.

I am also happy that we would not have achieved this success if not for our amazing and extraordinary teacher Mrs. Ia Jgharkava, for which she is very grateful.

These lessons are so creative and rewarding that we can never wait for the ending and the hour and a half pass so fast that we can not even become.

The children look forward to each lesson and diligently complete their homework.

After each lesson, we get the feeling that we have traveled to countries where our loyal friends often accompany us.

For me personally, the moment when one of my favorite students was kicked out of Abkhazia was very emotional.

In one of her lessons, her story itself took me back to my carefree and beautiful childhood years.

It reminded me of an unforgettable time spent in our beautiful Abkhazia and it was then that I realized that our lessons really crossed borders…

I would like to thank the Department of Diaspora Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, as well as the Committee of the Parliament of Georgia on Caucasus and Diaspora Issues and, of course, the Embassies of Georgia in different countries.

As you know, the successful implementation of any diaspora project is possible on the basis of coordinated communication with these agencies.

We would also like to thank our partner the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and the Office of the Minister of Justice and Civil Integration.

Thank you so much for their support.

I am convinced that these young people scattered in many countries of the world, who are building bridges of love and kindness with their Georgian peers, are the pearls that will soon lead us to the bridges of love in Abkhazia and Samachablo and will fulfill our long-awaited dream soon.

We celebrate the realization of this dream in our unique, united and strong Georgia. Together for Georgia! The power lies in unity and love!

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