Terms and conditions of use of the site
Please read the terms and conditions of the service carefully;
By registering on the website and choosing and purchasing an online course, you agree to the terms of this service.
Diaspora.edu.ge reserves the right to make unilateral changes to the terms of service, therefore, please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the service before purchasing online courses.
A person who is considering using the offer or enjoying the offer.
Special conditions
Diaspora.edu.ge is available to any individual, from any internet browser, both in Georgia and abroad.
The user himself regulates what should appear on his profile page.
From the moment of registration on the site, the user’s personal page opens, where the user has the opportunity to post personal photos and information about both age and country of residence.
Video, photo and text material posted on Diaspora.edu.ge is the property of the company or has the right to use the material. The rules for using this material are regulated by the Law of Georgia on Copyright and Neighboring Rights.
Data processing
Diaspora.edu.ge processes the user’s personal data to the extent necessary to provide services to the customer, however, the use of the offer by the user (purchase or attempted purchase) is his additional consent to the processing of personal data.
Diaspora.edu.ge reserves the right to process user data for direct marketing purposes, within the limits permitted by law, and the user has the right to request termination of use of data about him for direct marketing purposes at any time.
Diaspora.edu.ge reserves the right, and the user agrees, to transfer his personal data to the online tutor in order to provide services.
Cancellation, postponement, change
In case of cancellation, postponement or any other change, Diaspora.edu.ge reserves the right to inform the user who has purchased a specific course.
This is a voluntary service, which can be done via short text message or e-mail, on the data of a user known to Diaspora.edu.ge.
In case the minimum number of listeners is not filled in the online course within the pre-defined registration deadlines, Diaspora.edu.ge reserves the right to increase the registration deadlines to ensure the full completion of the course.
After completing the minimum threshold for students to attend the online course, the cost of the online course will be fully reimbursed by the person wishing to take the course
After adding the online course to the cart, when you pay the fixed course fee, the amount mentioned on your card will be blocked and will not be credited to your Diaspora.edu.ge account until the course is completed by Diaspora.edu.ge and the start time of the course is not specified.
Diaspora.edu.ge is not obliged to return the money to the customer if the customer agrees to purchase the online course and the appropriate fee will be paid. In case of technical defect, the user is obliged to report the defect to info@diaspora.edu.ge and in case the defect is not corrected and the user is not able to access the online course, Diaspora.edu.ge will refund the amount paid.
The amount equivalent to the value of the online course will be blocked in your account before the minimum number of adults is filled in the course, the amount will be deducted from your account after filling the minimum number of adults in the course. .
Data protection
Diaspora.edu.ge uses all reasonable means to ensure the protection of user data; Diaspora.edu.ge is not responsible if third parties have illegally accessed user data (including personal data, bank plastic card data, etc.).

Refusal of guarantees

Diaspora.edu.ge actively works to provide you with constant access to the functions of the website. However, it does not guarantee the continuous operation of the website, therefore, it is not responsible if the website / any of its services have become completely or partially inaccessible, technical defects have been fixed, etc.
Diaspora.edu.ge is not responsible for technical or software malfunctions of networks, systems, servers, providers, devices, services, transmission line defects; Interruption or delay in the data processing / transmission process; Destroying, stealing, unauthorized access to user materials.

Diaspora.edu.ge is not responsible for damage to the user or other person’s device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) if it was caused by the user using the link / link from the website or the website, any type of information and / or Due to program download.
Current law
Relations are regulated by the current legislation of Georgia. Dispute resolution, if any, is handled by the Tbilisi City Court.
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