# Diaspora Online School

Mission and Vision

Within the frames of first International Georgian Diaspora Online School - "Lessons Without Borders", "Diaspora Alliance for Georgia" is launching a series of video tutorials for our little compatriots living abroad.

Our goal is to promote free human development. Future generations need to acquire certain knowledge, develop skills and attitudes to become successful members of the global world.

We will make the modern concept of organizing civil society clear to each of our participants so that they can fully adapt to the society in which they have to live.


The video tutorials will help our participants to accept and recognize the diversity of world culture as an absolute value and, at the same time, to percept themselves as a part and representative of traditional Georgian culture.

Our lessons will be implemented through non-formal education methodology. Meetings preclude boring lectures. Participants will create schemes for acquiring new knowledge, find new meanings for themselves, make connections between different subjects, events and issues to be discussed.

Intensive meetings in the native language will develop participants’ ability to formulate their own thoughts, ideas, and decisions clearly. Activities will be selected based on the capabilities and interests of each participant. The basis of the relationship will be interaction!

Our little kids, parents, who miss your native environment, we are members of one team!

Hurry up! Let’s discover our wonderful, extraordinary homeland

Our Georgia Together

Hurry up! A fun alphabet awaits you! A journey through the unknown paths of history! Fun geography!

Hurry up! A fun alphabet awaits you! A journey through the unknown paths of history! Fun geography! The magic of chemical experiments and the joy of discovering the hard-to-solve laws of physics!

Discovering Georgian nature and video tours in all parts of our homeland!

Getting acquainted with the material and spiritual monuments and masterpieces of Georgian culture recognized by the world! Becoming a part of the magic world of Georgian literature! Meetings with your age-mates living in Georgia and making friends with them!


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